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We all know protein is an essential macronutrient for athletes.

Protein can help you build muscle and strength, burn fat, and increase overall performance. Adequate protein consumption will help to produce energy but also preserve muscle mass. 

But what else is protein good for?  Protein is an essential part of nutrition and building block of our cells, making up our muscles, hair, nails, skin, eyes, and internal organs. Every tissue and every organ is made of protein. It is the largest component of our body, after water, consisting of 20% of our body weight. 

If you are an active individual you will need to be consuming more protein for optimal growth and repair. A good quality protein powder can be a great addition for a busy lifestyle and to reach optimal protein status amongst active individuals.

Achieve your fitness goals with natural protein supplements at Shop from high-quality Whey Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Egg Protein, Casein Protein, Hemp Protein and All-in-One Protein Shakes. carries trusted protein brands such as Vega Sport, Optimum Nutrition, Garden of Life, Progressive, Genuine Health, NOW Foods and many more.

Top Protein Recipes

Take a look at some of our tasty protein recipes by our Certified Nutritional Practitioner Laurence Annez

Vega Sport Protein Chocolate 837 g

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Vega Sport Protein Chocolate 837 g


Description Ingredients Suggested Use Help build and repair your muscles post-workout, and support recovery with Vega Sport® Protein. Next-level...

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Vitasave: $44.99
(Save 18%)

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