• Ding Dong

    Red falling leaves white strobe. Purple leaves blue dahlie. Green falling leaves purple strobe. Colour falling leaves white strobe, white falling leaves



  • Dragon

    Dragon. Pack of 5. Crackle, strobe, willow, leaves & multicolour. RETAIL



  • Mercury Rockets

    Mercury Rockets. Single. Red peony, silver to crackling, blue wave, gold wave. Price TBC. RETAIL



  • Meteor

    Single 3″ ball head. Red ring with silver strobe pistil, Silver strobe, Crackling willow, Crown king.



  • Nebular Rockets

  • Northern Lights

    Pack of 6. Red, green fish crackle, green fish crackle, gold crown king crackle, silver fish blue star.



  • Odyssey Rockets

    Odyssey Rockets. Pack of 7. Super gold crown, crackling pistil gold willow, red coco white strobe, green coco gold strobe, silver coco crackling star, gold strobe willow, crackling willow.. RETAIL



  • Psycho

    Single rocket. 1 of Golden crown to crackling, green then purple peony, silver then red peony



  • The Messenger (Pyromeshed)

    4″ ball head – gold crown king – with a space on ball head for message to be written



  • The Messenger

    The Messenger. 4″ ball head – gold crown king – with a space on ball head for message to be written. RETAIL



  • Titanium

    Titanium. Pack of 5. Red crackling dahlia, Green crackling dahlia, Multi-colour crackling dahlia, Crackling chrysanthemum, Yellow Crackling Dahlia.. RETAIL



  • Vader

    Vader. Pack of 5. Red peony, Blue peony, Green peony, Gold peony Silver peony. RETAIL



  • Vega

    Vega. Pack of 15. Flower willow x2, gold strobe willow x2, crackling star x1, gold willow crackling chrys. X1, red coconut x1, lemon green strobe x1, red peony crackling chrys. X1, white strobe willow x1, gold strobe willow x1, crackle flower. RETAIL



  • The Rocks

    The Rocks. Pack of 5 rockets 65g . Brocade crown to red. Brocade crown to green. Brocade crown to blue. Gold willow titanium chrysanthemum. Gold willow with white strobe. CR032, CR033, CR034, CR035. RETAIL

  • Super Rocks

    Super Rocks. Pack of 3 large rockets 170g . White mega strobe. Red crossette ring chrysanthemum pistil. Brocade crown king.. RETAIL

  • CR052

    NEW2019. Pack 6 13g rockets. Red pearl white strobe, green pearl red strobe, blue pearl gold strobe, yellow pearl crackling, purple pearl green strobe, brocade crown. RETAIL

  • Rocket Pack LYGL

    NEW2019. New Odyssey 6/7. 2 x 135g, 3 x 75g, 2 x 65g. RETAIL