Our Products

Celtic Professional

With over 1200 items in our professional catalogue, we are the UK leader in firework and pyrotechnic products for professional display operators.  Our range meets the demands of a competitive display industry by offering a diverse mix of products that is continually updated, improved, innovated and quality checked.

Our professional range currently includes products in categories F4, T1, T2, P1 and P2.

Having our own staff in China allows us to maintain close relationships with our supplying factories and to sign-off all products.  In addition to testing requirements for legal certification, we undertake our own quality control procedures both before and after mass production.

Celtic Retail

We strive to offer a range of products that provide exceptional quality and represent good value for money.  Typically sold by specialist firework retailers, the Celtic Retail brand is as close to professional grade product as it is possible for consumers to buy.  Our retail product names have a cheeky edge, but our branding is clean and uncluttered due to its professional pedigree.

We were the first UK supplier to promote our retail catalogue using cutting-edge visualisation software called ShowBuilder, hosted on our retail website.  The software allows you to select, design and see your fireworks in a simulation before you purchase them for your event.

Celtic Retail products are often used in professional displays, which is testament to the product quality and reliability.  Alongside numerous individual product awards, in 2023 we were also awarded Best Brand by the UK Firework Awards in recognition of the strength of the Celtic brand and our product offering.

Kimbolton Retail

The Kimbolton Retail brand has a rich history in the UK firework industry, making it a trusted choice for discerning customers.  The brand heritage is reflected in the high-quality products, which are smartly packaged and designed to be suitable for domestic settings.

Kimbolton Retail is predominantly a 1.4G offering, with smaller garden pieces and traditional selection boxes in the range.

We acquired the Kimbolton Retail brand in 2022 and under our ownership we are developing the range and launching new and interesting products to secure the longevity of this industry icon for many years to come.