At Celtic Fireworks Ltd. we are dedicated to sustainability and lowering our carbon footprint.  As a premier wholesaler of fireworks in the UK, we understand the significance of lessening our environmental footprint while ensuring our products continue to bring entertainment and delight to people.

Our commitment to Sustainability is further enhanced through our work with UK SustainAbility, a specialist consultancy that supports businesses to understand their environmental impact and to target sustainability goals.

Global Supply Chain

The majority of our products are imported from China.  We visit our Chinese factories on an annual basis to meet with management, select products and promote the need to increase sustainability efforts in manufacturing.

Firework manufacturing facilities have advanced significantly over the past couple of decades, and these factories are now highly organised, well-managed and work is undertaken with significant regulatory oversight.  This results in a chemicals manufacturing sector committed to tackling their share of environmental impacts.

We work proactively with our suppliers to replace plastic in our products and its’ packaging and have set a target of December 2025 to achieve this goal of plastic eradication across our entire range of over 1600 items.

Explosives shipping from China is currently limited to 2 shipping lines – fortunately these shippers are actively seeking ways to ensure that their operations evolve with sustainability in mind.  Shipping by sea is recognised as the method of transporting goods around the world with the least overall environmental impact.

UK Operations

Our centrally located site with easy access to trunk routes means journey distances to customers throughout the UK are minimised.  All vehicles we operate are Euro 6 compliant, and hauliers contracted by us to transport containers and palletised goods run modern and efficient fleets.

We plan all journeys with fuel efficiency in mind – the majority of our deliveries are despatched in our own vehicles with a full legal payload, ensuring that we efficiently transport fireworks and not empty space.  This approach also reduces the overall number of journeys we make.

Our management team work from home, making only essential journeys to our main site when workload dictates.

We recently introduced biodegradable pallet wrap to our warehouses and the pallets we use are all recycled and sourced from a local pallet supplier.

Most of the waste we produce is cardboard and this is collected for recycling by a nearby licensed waste carrier.

Solar power generated by 120 panels on our storage building roofs contribute towards our sustainability goals, with any excess power fed to farming activities on the wider site.  We also operate an electric site vehicle and electric pallet trucks around our stores – minimising the use of forklifts and other vehicles where possible.

Supporting the Industry

As a key supplier to most of the UK firework industry, we have a responsibility to support our customers in their efforts to decrease emissions within their businesses.  To this end, we have collaborated with UK SustainAbility on a comprehensive paper detailing the carbon emissions associated with events, as well as a comparative analysis of emissions from both fireworks and drones.

Additionally, we have compiled valuable information for the retail firework industry on emissions stemming from firework products with practical strategies they can use to mitigate the environmental impact and to support their customers in choosing more sustainable products.

To discuss our sustainability efforts further or if you would like to receive a copy of our analysis paper, click below: